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About us

We are situated in Uddevalla on the Swedish west-coast where we have cultivated a long tradition of developing and producing high quality leather belts and leather accessories. This is done by combining a large-scale production capacity with a small-scale handcraft production capability and maintain a constant focus on developing new products.

Our vision is to change the market for leather accessories and provide the global market with attractive leather products, produced in Sweden and with care for man and nature.

Our customers today can be found on a wide scale in both size and business segment such as HM, Varner, Fjällräven & Eduards accessories

Our company culture promotes an open environment by all of us being transparent, respectful, honest and trusting. 

The ideal Candidate

We always look for those who will best fit into our company culture and who shares our core values



to people, the environment and the business
If we have the same values is below what we are looking for:

Open positions

Our Production Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a manufacturing or production facility. The primary job is to ensure that the production processes run smoothly and efficiently, and that all products meet quality standards and are produced within budget and on time.

Key responsibility areas for our Production Manager:

Planning and organizing production schedules: This involves creating and implementing production schedules and plans that ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Managing production team: Supervise and manage the production team, which includes hiring, training, and assigning tasks to employees.

Monitoring and evaluating production processes: Monitor the production processes to ensure that they are running smoothly and identify areas that need improvement.


Ensuring quality control: Responsible for maintaining quality control standards, ensuring that products meet customer requirements, and resolving quality issues as they arise.


Maintaining production equipment: This includes managing the maintenance and repair of production equipment to minimize downtime and ensure maximum efficiency.


Budgeting and cost control: Responsible for creating and managing budgets, as well as finding ways to minimize costs and increase profitability.


Collaborating with other departments: Work closely with other departments such as engineering, procurement, and logistics to ensure that production processes are aligned with the overall business objectives.


Ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards: Ensure that the production facility complies with all relevant regulations and safety standards, and that employees are trained in safety procedures.

Overall, the Operational Production Manager plays a critical role in ensuring that the production facility runs smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

To Apply
Are you the right candidate? Send your application, including CV and Cover letter to We review applications on an ongoing basis.

Production Manager

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