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Our reach covers a wide variety of clientele and markets, from private labels to designer brands. We’re a known industry leader that finds our pride in working with customers locally, and on a global front. 


Combining large scale production capacity with smaller scale handcraft capabilities has allowed us to maintain a constant focus on making new products. We can confidently say that no matter what your project is — how big or small — we’re the perfect fit for the job. 


Maintaining superior quality in our goods is the driving force behind every decision we make, and the foundation of who we are. Constantly, we’re learning and growing so that we can stay ahead of the curve.

Working with local partners is an important part of Eduards company foundation. The close collaboration with Nordic Leather from prototype to final product enables us to evolve as partners and stay true to our vision.

Cecilia Eduards  |  Founder of Eduards

With flexible organization and modern mechanization, maintaining speed to market with high quality is important to us. 


Our factory combines traditional machine manufacturing with handcraft precision. Every product isn’t simply a number to be fulfilled, but a product our employees take care in. Handling each piece individually, and using their hands to give those finishing touches a machine cannot. Each order you make, no matter how large, still has a handcrafted feeling.


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The People of Nordic Leather

Helen Holgersson

Caroline Pettersson

Christoffer Jaarma

Nordic Leather is made up of hard working individuals that are passionate about their craft. Our many employees come from different countries and vastly different backgrounds.

To care about man, and care about nature.

We exist to make sustainable products for conscious customers. 

Weekly Performance

Belts: 32,000

Leather Accessories: 10,000

Bags: 500

Pullers: 60,000

Our framework

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