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Environmental Sustainability 

From day one, environmental sustainability has been a top priority of ours. As long as we exist, it always will be. Transparency and making wise choices in our supply chain are two ways we strive towards this goal. 


As technology advances and automatization becomes commonplace, along with it comes a higher demand for energy. In attempting to reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve exchanged a majority of our previous energy sources for solar power. 


In wanting to be good stewards of our products and materials, we work to waste less. Through regular audits and optimization in our processes, we’ve reduced extensive volumes. A yearly goal of ours is to continue reducing our waste 5%. Though, between 2020 and 2021, we were able to reduce 14%, so perhaps we should aim even higher.

We believe that when you give people a chance, awesome things can happen. 


The wellbeing of our community will always be one of our top priorities. We take responsibility to truly care for employees, and strive to positively impact our supply chain and city as well. 


From the start, we’ve been passionate about giving young people and those on the wrong path a chance. Many who are working with us today are incredible people who have reshaped their life and become key members of our local community. 


Both Nordic Leather and our CEO Per Friberg have been nominated for Samhall’s Visa Vägen Priset — one of Sweden’s most prestigious prizes when it comes to social sustainability.

Social Sustainability 

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Next Steps

The top range of our raw hides are sourced from family run farms in Sweden, more specifically the Siljan region. The remainder of our hides are sourced within the EU and most of them comes from France. Traditionally, traceability on hides has been minimal as an industry standard — but by getting ourselves involved in the leather process from the absolute beginning, we’re challenging that notion. 


We’ve made it so that we can trace every step of the process, down to the exact cow your leather came from. A bit much? Maybe. But this allows us to control the entire supply chain, and ensure that top of the line animal welfare is prioritized. At the same time, you can know exactly where the end product has been, every step of the way. 

We are striving towards increased sustainability and Nordic Leather is one partner to us on this important journey.

Lennart Jansson  |  Product Manager, Axes, at Hultafors

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