In line with our ambition of leading the change in production of leather belts and accessories with care for man and nature, our guiding principle is

to take CARE of the:

  • Co-workers

  • Nature

  • Communities

  • Business

This means that we always strive to do our utmost in these areas and forms the core of our decision making in everything we do.


We consider man and nature whenever we design, choose one material over another, select suppliers, target customers etc.


We aim to contribute to people’s wellbeing, both in-house as well as in the supply chain and the community.


We want to build an engaging work environment with a culture that supports safety and wellbeing at work. In our supply chain, we enhance responsibility through our sustainable sourcing practices and we prioritize nearshoring. With care for man and nature, we continuously work to improve supply chain that extend from farms all the way to the end-customer.